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Magic Eyelash Extensions are made from Japanese synthetic fiber materials and have a silky texture.

Magic Eyelash Extensions eliminate the need for mascara and eyeliner. Thick and long lashes can open up your eyes, creating a strong and sexy look.


1) Gently cleanse the eye area; removing any make-up, dust, or oils. Failure to clean the area thoroughly may reduce the length of time the eyelashes stay on.

2) Use the comb brush to separate the lashes. This process will remove any loose lashes and straighten them in preparation for adhesion later. Feel free to communicate with the client the procedures to facilitate a successful application. Establishing a comfortable environment and relationship with the client will make the process smoother and more successful.

3) Apply adhesive tape over lower eyelashes in order to separate upper and lower lashes. This step will protect lashes and surrounding skin. In order to prevent skin irritation, place the tape on your hand first to remove any excessive stickiness.

4) Place the necessary amount of eyelash extension units on the cosmetic puff. This will make the extensions visible and easy to obtain.

5) Place a small drop of adhesive glue on the jade stone.

6) Using the curled-style tweezers, carefully obtain one eyelash unit in a perpendicular fashion. It should form a T-shape. Place extension unit between separated lashes. The extension unit should be adhered alongside the natural eyelash so that they curl in the same direction. The C-curl should be natural and identical to the natural lash.

For the most natural look, use the 9mm and 11mm on the sides, and 13 mm units in the center. For a trendy look, blue and violet colored units are also available. Placing a few colored lashes on the outer corners create a subtle effect.

7) Avoiding contact with bubbles in the glue, swiftly slide the extension unit through the glue placed on the jade stone. The glue should cover 1/3 to 1/2 of the extension.

8) Using the straight-style tweezers, separate the lashes. Adhere the extension unit to the client’s eyelash immediately after applying the glue to prevent it from drying on the extension.

Use caution when adhering extensions, as contact with skin may cause irritation. Also, adhering extension with bubbles in the glue will cause the eyelashes to appear clumped together.

9) After the extensions have been placed, the straight-style tweezers should continue to separate the lashes. Using the other hand, use the air pump to dry the glue.

To prevent units from sticking together, it is best to adhere the extensions to every other lash.

To your discretion, you may apply 2-3 units before using the air pump.

10) Using the straight-style tweezers, verify if the extensions have been successfully adhered. If the glue has not completely dried, eyelashes may stick together and eye irritation may occur.

11) Remove the tape from the bottom lashes.

12) Using the fan brush, remove any dust or residue. After, use the comb brush to separate lashes.

13) To complete the procedure, use the special eyelash curling iron to curl all the lashes in a natural C-curl shape.

14) The client may then open their eyes.

For those with sensitive eyes, the client must remain with eyes close for an additional 5-10 minutes to avoid irritation.

15) Coat eyelashes with sealer. When applied, lashes last longer and appears

more full and thicker.

With proper care the extensions can last up to 2 months. The removal of eye make-up or activities such as swimming and spa may reduce the length of time the extensions last. Clients should use care when removing make-up and washing the face.

The procedure usually costs $150 to $300, depending on the specialist, salon, and area. One complimentary retouching session should be given as a service to the customer 1-2 weeks after application. Afterwards, retouching may cost anywhere from $20-$50 or $3-$5 per lash.

For extension removal, place the glue remover on the jade stone and use tweezers to carefully remove extension units.

Customer Care

* Retouch eyelashes after one 1-2 weeks.

* Extensions may fall out due to normal cleansing and cosmetic application and removal

* When cleansing face, clean eye area gently; do not use vigorous motions

* Do not cleanse eye area for 8 hours immediately following application

Professional Care

* Store glue in a cool, dry place. Shake well before use.

* Do not let adhesive glue come in contact with eye. If adhesive glue enters eye, flush well with cold water, and seek medical attention

* For sensitive skin types, do not allow adhesive glue to come in contact with hands

* Eyelash extensions must be removed with extreme care

Eyelash Removal

Place cover tape on bottom eyelashes. Apply remover to the tip of your tweezer and slowly stroke the eyelash in a back and forth motion until unwanted eyelash detaches.

Magic Eye Eyelash Extension
TRIAL KIT (100 Application)
Item Price
13mm (0.51 inch)
11mm (0.43 inch)
9mm (0.31 inch)
Cluster (2 x tray)
$8 (Free)
10 ml / 0.35 oz
Eyelash Sealer
Adhesive Tape
Hand Air Pump
$20 (Free)
Fine Point Tweezers(2 pcs)
Cotton Puff
$5 (Free)
Jade Stone (1pc)
Magic Eye Banner
Cosmetic Case
Processing DVD
$30 (Free)
REG. $373

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