Wholesale Beauty Supply

YSB wholesale beauty supply is your source for all of your salon supply needs. We offer a full range of products and salon necessities so you can stock your salon with the latest in salon equipment, supplies, and even hair products in one stop. YSB beauty supply warehouse knows that you need to offer cutting-edge products and services at reasonable prices to stay competitive.

YSB wholesale beauty supply offers all of the salon supplies you need. We offer a complete list of professional grade salon supplies, such as clippers and trimmers, curling irons, flat irons, hair setters, and hair dryers. YSB West Coast beauty supply also offers a full range of salon accessories, such as capes, foils, clips, hair extensions, false eyelashes, aluminum cases, and even supplies for tattooed permanent makeup. We also carry a complete line of salon cosmetics, ranging from toners to masks and exfoliants and age treatments. If you need shears, we have those as well. We offer shears in every shape, size, and contour. YSB even has salon furnishings, such as lamps, chairs, and magazine racks. We have virtually everything you need to run your salon.

YSB wholesale beauty supply carries a full line of salon liquids, such as wash and set liquids, permanent solutions, hair straightening liquids, and hair color. Our hair colors range from the traditional favorites, such as golden blonde, rich auburn, deep black, and chestnut brown, to the edgy colors like shocking pink, bright green, and electric blue. We can help you supply whatever color your client fancies, as well as some they may never have thought of.

Let YSB wholesale beauty supply be your partner in offering quality beauty and hair treatments. Our competitive prices will help you pass savings down to your customers, and our offering of the latest in hair treatments will keep you abreast of all of the latest trends. If a product or service is in style, YSB will carry everything you need to offer that treatment or product to your client. Visit our website today to browse our products and learn how we can save you money.