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Satin Hair Colors

Aloe Vera Base

Moisturizes, soothes, and conditions the hairshaft while protecting the scalp from irritation.

Humedese acondiciona y suavisa el cabello mientras proteje el cuero cabelludo de irritacion.

Built-In Reconstructor

A unique blend of proteins and a rich reconstructive base actually leaves your hair looking healthier, shinier, and in better overall condition than before you started.

Una Mezcla de proteinas que enriquece y reconstruye para dejar el cabello mas sano brillante y acondisionado.

Contains Micro Color Molecules for Super Fade Resistant Colors

Micro color molecules penetrate deeper into the hair shaft depositing a greater amount of color pigment in the hair, creating richer, deeper, truer, super fade resistant colors.

Las moleculas de color penetran muy adentro del cabello depositando grandes cantidades de pigmentos de color en el cabello para crear un color brillante y resistente para que no se destine.

Under 1% Ammonia

Creates less cuticle damage, less scalp irritation and reduced ammonia odor.

No da�a a la curticula del cabello y no causa irritacion al cuero cabelludo y reduce el olor del amonia.

Solid Grey Coverage

Satin hair colors are formulated with a concentrated base of micro color molecules, which penetrate deep into the hair shaft flooding grey hair with pigment, resulting in solid grey coverage from root to end.

El color Satin tiene una formula consentrada a base de micro moleculas de color que penetra muy adentro del cabello para que la cana puede ser penetrada y resulte una covertura completa de la raiz hasta la punta.

2-3 Full Applications per Tube

Satin hair color is a 3 ounce tube which mixes with double developer (6 ounces) creating 9 ounces of total color mixture per tube, potentially reducing your hair color expense by 50%.

El color Satin tiene 3 onzas por tubo. Que se mezcla con doble peroxido (6 onzas) hace (9 onzas) de color total por tubo. Porque el color tiene 3 oz. usted optiene mas por costo. Hasta un 50% mas.

Permanent and Semi-Permanent with 1 tube

Satin hair color, formulated with its unique micro color molecule technology, has created the longest lasting permanent hair color available. Contrastingly, Satin Hair Color can be mixed with a unique processing lotion, turning Satin Hair Color into a semi-permanent color which washes from the hair in 4 to 6 weeks.

El color Satin con la formula unica y con la tecnologia de micro moleculas de color crea un color que dura mucho tiempo en el cabello y no se decolora. Pero tambien el color Satin puede ser mezclado con una locion unica que puede cambiar el color Satin a un semi permanente color que puede lavarse entre 4 a 6 semanas.

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List Price: $8.99
Our Price: $6.99
Savings: $2.00

Satin Color is an exclusive color system with a unique aloe vera base. Its ingredients are natural and help with the condition and overall health of your hair. Satin colors are rich with beautiful pigments that can be used for permanent or semi-permanent color.

FeaturesSimple professional hair color results

  • 2-3 applications per tube
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Fade resistant micro color molecules
  • Built in reconstructors repair hair during the coloring process
  • Perfect for bowl or bottle application
  • Natural, Aloe Vera based
  • Less than 1% ammonia


Step 1: Choose your Color

Need help choosing a color? Click here to view our Comparison Chart

Still need help? Call the Satin Color Technical Hotline at (888) 692-3008

Step 2: Choose your Developer

10 Vol. Deposits tone on tone or darker.
20 Vol. Deposits tone on tone. Lifts up to two levels of natural color.
30 Vol. Lifts up to three levels of natural color.
40 Vol. Lifts up to four levels of natural color.
Tip: Add Cream Lightener to 40 Vol. to lift up to five levels of natural color.

Step 3: Apply Color

Preliminary Patch Test Procedure:
As with any hair coloring product a patch test must be conducted prior to using Satin Cream Hair Color, to ensure no allergic reaction will occur. Gently cleanse a small area on the inner surface of your forearm or behind you ear with soap and water. Apply a small amount of the preparation . After 24 hours, the treated area should be washed again with soap and water. If no irritation is apparent, you can proceed with the application of color. The test should always be carried out before each application. Satin Cream Hair Color must not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows.

Preliminary Test Strand Procedure:
Always take a strand test before giving color application to preview final results. Prepare a test solution of the exact shade and developer mixture to be used. Cut 20-30 strands of your hair and saturate the strands of hair with test solution. Check color after 25 minutes and every 5 minutes thereafter until desired color is achieved. Note timing and use for full application.

First Time Application:
Mix 1 oz. Satin Cream Hair Color with 2 oz. Satin Developer in a small nonmetallic bowl. With dry or towel dried hair, section off hair into four equal quadrants. Begin application where hair is darkest, (usually nape of neck) then apply color to the rest of hair, leaving approximately 1/2 inch of the roots untouched. Leave on hair for 20 minutes, now prepare to color the roots. Mix a fresh formula of 1 oz. color with 2 oz. Satin Developer, apply mixture to roots and process for an additional 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Shampoo with Satin Shampoo until the water runs clear; then use Satin Color Care Conditioner to remove all chemicals from hair and ensure optimum color longevity.

Retouch Application:
Mix 1 oz. Satin Cream Hair Color with 2 oz. Satin Developer in a small nonmetallic bowl . With dry or towel dried hair, apply mixture to the re-growth and leave on for 30 minutes. At 30 minutes, comb remaining color mixture through the rest of the hair and leave on for an additional 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Shampoo with Satin Color Care Shampoo until the water runs clear; then use Satin Color Care Conditioner to remove all chemicals from hair and ensure optimum color longevity.

For Gray Coverage:
Make sure to leave the color on the re-growth area for a full 45 minutes for optimum gray coverage. Do not leave Satin Cream Hair Color on the hair longer than 45 minutes, even in difficult cases. Do not leave on processed ends for more than 5 min. Do not use Satin Cream Hair Color on hair that has been previously processed with metallic dyes.

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Satin Color Reverse
Satin Color Reverse
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $8.00
Savings: $7.00

Satin Color Reverse
Natural Hair Color             Color Mistake                  Color Reverce

• Takes you back to your original color
• Gently removes permanent & semi-permanent hair color
• Takes only 20 minutes, not hours in a salon.
• Safe and easy.
• No ammonia, bleach, or peroxide.
• Re-color the same day.

Color Reverse lives up to it's name

It gently reverses the last oxidative color process (color mixed with developer). When color is mixed with peroxide the color oxidizes and swells in the hair shaft to create new color. Color Reverse shrinks those color molecules so they wash out of the hair. Color Reverse has no ammonia or bleach so you can re-color the same day. Because it has no bleach or ammonia it is odorless.

Flexibility is the key ingredient

Color Reverse can be used the same day to remove a color mishap or weeks later to remove the last color process from the hair. As with any color removal system, black will always be the most difficult color to remove.

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List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $14.99
Savings: $5.00


• Super Quick Lightening Action
• Lifts Past Yellow Stage
• De-Dusted
• Built-In Reconstructor
• Silky Smooth Results
• Ammonia Free Formula

Satin Blue is a dust free, low odor ammonia-free bleach powder. It is extremely gentle on hair and lifts a full 5-6 levels of color. Satin bleach has been infused with a built-in reconstructor which actually works to repair damaged hair during the bleaching process. The end result is silky smooth shiny hair.

Available in:
1 oz. individual packs
1 pound Bag

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