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Hot Tools Rollabout Ionic Stand Hood Dryer 1059
Hot Tools Rollabout Ionic Stand Hood Dryer 1059
List Price: $149.00
Our Price: $129.00
Savings: $20.00

Hot Tools Bonnet Rollabout Dryer
Model: 1059

Pro-Moisture System with tourmaline and ionic nano technologies changes drying’s effect on hair, transforming heat and airflow into a moisture-enhancing spa treatment! Creates healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

Tourmaline nano particles naturally generate far-infrared energy when heated. This penetrating form of heat passes through the hair cuticle, going directly to the cortex to dry it first. The cuticle is not over-dried and resists brittleness and cracking, helping hair maintain its shine and softness. Tourmaline also helps cleanse hair of odors and impurities.

Patented direct ION TECHNOLOGY® is an "active" ion emission system. Hundreds of millions of negatively charged nano ions are created by an electronic component inside the dryer and deposited directly onto wet hair. The ions separate water into smaller droplets which are easier for hair to absorb, increasing its moisture content and reducing frizz. Tourmaline, a natural source of ions, enhances ion output.

Professional Features:

  • Tourmaline
  • Fast drying 1875 Watts
  • 2 Speed / 4 heat options
  • Ion on / off feature
  • Large bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers
  • Adjustable front visor
  • Lint filter removes for cleaning
  • Two lockable wheels for stability
  • 9-ft. cord
  • Legs remove from base for compact storage
  • One-year warranty 
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Orian Salon Hair Dryer
Orian Salon Hair Dryer
List Price: $350.00
Our Price: $249.00
Savings: $101.00

Orian Salon Hair Dryer

The Graeson Orian Hair Dryer is an easy-to-use professional-grade dryer that features digital controls for the precise temperature for each client. Also commonly referred as a dry heat processor, the Orian features oversized smoked hood, removable washable filter, and black cabinet. The built-in temperature probe and rheostat ensure that the selected temperature up to 150°F will be accurately maintained throughout the timed cycle. Ionic technology split large water droplets into smaller molecules that immediately evaporate, drying the hair quicker, sparing the cuticles from excessive heat exposure and locking in moisture and shine. The ions smooth out and condition the cuticle on the outer layer, helps reduce frizz, leaving hair shinier, and cuts drying time in half! The Orian be used with a dryer chair that accommodates the cutout 24"H x 12.50"W x 7.0"D.

Brand: Graeson
Model: GN8600.0001

  • Easy to use digital controls
  • 60-minute timer
  • Maintains accurately to 150° F
  • Negative ion-generator
  • Hood outside diameter: 15”
  • Hood inside diameter: 12”
  • Cabinet - 12 1/2" x 7" x 24"
  • Oversized smoked hood
  • Removable, washable filter
  • 2-minute auto cool-down
Additional Information
  • ETL-Listed (USA, Canada)
  • 5-year warranty - motor and hood
  • 2-year warranty - all other parts
  • 110 volts, 1400 watts, 13 amps
  • Carton(s): 1
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80-ES Paragon Eclipse Hair Steamer
80-ES Paragon Eclipse Hair Steamer
List Price: $790.00
Our Price: $650.00
Savings: $140.00

80-ES Paragon Eclipse Hair Steamer

Deluxe hair steamer has variable heat and time settings with a vented hood to provide the proper airflow. Hot steam accelerates salon processes and enhances permanents, colors, and deep heat conditioning. Moist warm air is a gentle alternative to conventional heat applications.

  • Variable temperature settings
  • 30-min timer
  • Available on roller base or wall-mount arm
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DL-01 Paragon Hair Steamer
DL-01 Paragon Hair Steamer
List Price: $1,250.00
Our Price: $990.00
Savings: $260.00

DL-01 Paragon Hair Steamer

Hair steamer with ozone function, digital control panel, and adjustable steam pipes.

  • Variable time temperature settings
  • Includes reusable steam caps
  • Steamer cap delivers warm moist steam directly to the hair without “overflow”.
  • Available on roller base
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Paragon Butterfly Hair Processor
Paragon Butterfly Hair Processor
List Price: $1,790.00
Our Price: $1,399.00
Savings: $391.00

Paragon Butterfly Hair Processor

By making both short and long infrared waves more powerful, the Double Heater Swing System emits infrared waves evenly over your hair. The design of this new, slim heater avoids covering the eyes, enhances the feeling of space allowing your client to relax in total comfort. The movement of the heater arms resembles that of the wings of a butterfly which also helps to create a relaxing effect to ensure that your client enjoys his or her time at the salon.

Two arch-shaped heaters swing in a gentle motion enveloping the head area and providing mild warmth from the top of the head, down both sides and to the nape of the neck. this gentle movement transfers the heat efficiently, giving speedy results.

Level 1 (95°F) Level 3 (106°F) Level 5 (117°F) Level 6 (122°F)
This shows the heat distribution of each heat setting. It is particularly efficient for applying heat to the
lower body temperature hairline areas. The uncomfortable scorching feeling is eliminated as heat is
only applied to the areas where it is necessary. There are 6 heat settings that range from 95° F to 122°F.

Specifications and Functions
Operation Indicator Lamp

Whenever the heater is in operation, the
Operation Indicator Lamp will flash. This
allows the operator to easily check operation
from a distance, eliminating the need to
constantly attend the machine to check the timer.

Function Operation Panel                                         

The operator-friendly panel using
embossed keys is simple in design
and easy to read, minimiing the
chances of pressing the wrong keys.
The sensation of touch is delightful
to the fingers.

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E-3000 Paragon Hair Processor
E-3000 Paragon Hair Processor
List Price: $1,650.00
Our Price: $1,450.00
Savings: $200.00

E-3000 Paragon Hair Processor

Infrared technology penetrates hair follicles and dries hair from the inside out. Hair is dried faster and with less damage, leaving it smooth and manageable. The ozone function helps bond dyes and molecules to hair to help protect and condition hair by “locking in” dye for a more vibrant long-lasting color.

  • Variable temperature settings
  • 30-min timer
  • Ozone, infrared, and fan may be operated simultaneously or individually
  • Available on roller base or wall-mount arm
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