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Ato24 Cleansing Wash
Ato24 Cleansing Wash
List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $30.00
Savings: $12.00

Ato24 Cleansing Wash

Full Body Wash for Hair and Body

Silk Protein Included

∙ Hypersensitive skin is delicately handled with this mild cleanser.
∙ It creates thin filmy layer of oil & water as a barrier for the
ever fragile scalp and skin to protect against harmful stimuli.
Sensitized skin is radically transformed to be silky smooth
through the use of botanical amino acid cleansing substances to
minimize skin irritations.
∙ When rinsed out, the optimal pH balance restores and maintains
skin to be moist all day long.
∙ It is formulated WITHOUT
Sulfate and Paraben.

[Directions]: Pump appropriate amount of the product and wash
thoroughly with water.

Net Wt.: 10.58 oz (300g)

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a.c.care Bee's Shield B.B Cream (SPF 35, PA++)
a.c.care Bee's Shield B.B Cream (SPF 35, PA++)
List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $30.00
Savings: $12.00

a.c.care Bee's Shield B.B Cream (SPF 35, PA++)

Preventing your next breakout, it gives you honey-glossed look within seconds.

- illuminating & translucent with honey-glossed finish
- guards skin from harmful ultraviolet rays
- "skin-shielding" multi-functional B.B cream that helps manage sensitive skin to be healthy
- dermatological tests completed

Treating sensitive skin to be more healthy, this protective multi-functional B.B cream naturally covers blemishes and makes skin glow like honey-glossed & translucent. Natural gifts provided from honeybees, honey, bee venom, and royal jelly extracts are all included to give you the 3-in-1 effect. (Dermatological tests completed.)

* Quantity: 1.76 oz. (50g) / 0.53 oz. (15g) - Travel Size
* Directions: At the very first stage of make-up, apply appropriate amount to cover the entire facial area and lightly go over parts where extra cover-up is needed with detailed perfection.
* Active Ingredients: Bee venom, Camellia Japonica Flower Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk, Royal Jelly Extract, Honey Extract

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Ato24 Moisturizing Lotion
Ato24 Moisturizing Lotion
List Price: $55.00
Our Price: $35.00
Savings: $20.00

Ato24 Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion for Face and Body

20% Placental Extracts Included

∙ This moisturizing lotion creates a membrane to protect a much
fragile and sensitive skin in order to supply the essential oil and
water to bring the hydration level up, helping to maintain a
healthy skin.
∙ This hypo-allergenic moisturizing lotion uses natural essential
oil for people with sensitive and fragile skin.
Paraben FREE / Intensifies hydration level

[Directions] : After wash, pump appropriate amount of the product
and gently massage for even distribution.

Net Wt.: 10.58 oz (300g)

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Ato24 Emollient Cream
Ato24 Emollient Cream
List Price: $60.00
Our Price: $39.99
Savings: $20.01

Ato24 Emollient Cream

Highly-Moisturizing Cream for Face and Body

Silk Protein and Bee Venom (toxin) Included

∙ This highly-moisturizing cream strenthens skin’s inner mecha-
nism and keeps moisture locked in for a long period of time.
∙ Gel Network System (Lamella structure) creates a hydration
membrane to keep the moisture level at its best all throughout
the day.
** It is perfect for people who experience mild to severe
sensitivity and/or extreme tightness of skin.

[Directions] : After wash, pat and completely dry before use.
Apply 2-3 times daily on face and body.

Net Wt.: 2.29 oz (65g)

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