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Handle Style

Even Handle/Straight Style
Your Third finger would be above your thumb.

Offset Style
Your Thumb would be in front of your Third finger.

There are two different styles of handles:
1. Straight
2. Offset

Blade Style

Hamaguri Blade/Convex
The outside of the blade has a slight arch.

Sword Blade
The outside of the blade has more of an angel.

Flat Blade
The outside of the blade is flat.

Screw Style

Shears with compact screws need a screwdriver to adjust.

Shears with an adjuster do not need a screwdriver to be adjusted.


Good quality shears are made out of stainless steel, chrome, carbon, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt. In most cases, Stainless steel shears will not Rust if they are taken care of properly.


Top Quality shears have Hollow-ground. The inside of the blade has an arch, so the only part of the blade that is touching, is the cutting edge. Which gives you a smoother cut.

Pivot Point

Pivot Point is very important part of the shear. It is the point where the blades start to come together and it keeps the blades in a straight line the better the Pivot Point, the smoother the cut.